Rainbowify your avatar! (or any other image)

After rainbowifying your avatar scroll down for the avatar you can save to your computer or device.

Click to pre-fill Twitter avatar: https://twitter.com/INSERT_YOUR_USERNAME_HERE/profile_image?size=original

Click to pre-fill app.net avatar: https://api.app.net/stream/0/users/@INSERT_YOUR_USERNAME_HERE/avatar?w=200&h=200

Right click (or touch&hold on mobile) your rainbowified avatar below to save it to your computer / device

After saving it you can upload your new rainbowified avatar to your favorite social network profile.

This Rainbowify Avatar App works with Safari, Firefox, Chrome & Internet Explorer 9+. Support for HTML5 and advanced canvas features is required.

Rainbowify avatar generator brought to you by Steven van Loef aka @ludolphus. © 2015